People are constantly changing and their needs are evolving with them. If you don\’t want to lose customers, you need to keep up with them and continue to create engaging and effective content for your business. More and more people are spending more time browsing sites on their mobile phones than watching TV. All digital marketing content will focus on smartphones, web services, and social media video.
Grafy a počítač
Key trends will include video and live streaming on social media. Videos should not exceed 2 minutes, which is the optimal amount of time people are willing to watch something interesting. Video does not only mean YouTube; ads and content on Facebook are also very effective. Up to 54% of people who follow a brand or business want to see videos on social media. If you want to interact with your audience in real time, try a live stream on Facebook or Instagram. You\’ll see how satisfied your fans are with interacting with you.
Your future customers may be surfing the web and looking for you. It\’s time to personalize your message and show it to your customers at the right time. Give them the content they are looking for at the moment they need it. It is important to know about your audience, demographically and geographically, as well as their interests and online behavior. Once this is done, there is nothing stopping you from getting started with personalized content.
Navrhování aplikace
Have you heard of chatbots? This trend in communication will continue this year. Chatbots are popular because they are available 24/7, communicate with customers in real time, and resolve requests instantly. Another advantage is that they remember purchase history and are patient. Many companies are switching to chatbot systems, for example, Lyft allows you to request a carpool by chatting on Facebook Messenger or Slack. People appreciate it when you answer their questions instantly, so they don\’t have to wait or surf the web for answers.