Politicians are often thought to be useless. This is because some people think that politicians are worse than useless, that they are just a nuisance and should be left out of the picture. But even if it seems that way, every country needs politicians. Not to make meaningless decisions, tinker, or just steal, but because every country needs someone to represent the nation and coordinate the work of those below them. Someone to set the rules, to make sure that the economy and other sectors are not disrupted, that they are followed, and that everything works.možnost volby

That is why politics in each country is important. Does that mean that things can go wrong? Of course, sometimes politicians are to blame. Sometimes politicians make mistakes, sometimes they misbehave. But just as objective causes over which the people have no control can be blamed, so too can difficult situations arise when voters elect the wrong politicians or do not insist on their exclusion when such politicians are not wanted.

This is why people must ensure that everything works as they expect. While no voter will ever be perfect, because each voter is different and wants different things, some compromises must be accepted, but politicians should never concede or give in. The people who elect politicians should demand that they fulfill their campaign promises and party platforms. This is the only way to improve a situation that is often not any better.obrázek politika

And this is also true here. If the people had stood by their government properly, we would not have been subjected to so many regulations these days, we would not have laughed in our faces when politicians passed bans that we knew in advance would be rejected by the courts, we would not have such an enormous national debt We would not have been saddled with such a huge national debt. Nor would we have had people parasitizing on the welfare system for any longer. And there would have been no more parasites on the welfare system, because when politicians hold them accountable, even the socially disadvantaged would have to go to work. Because if politicians make them responsible, even the socially disadvantaged will have to go to work.

And politicians will not be able to sit idly by. And people will not resent their high salaries.