This is a simplistic comment on one of Alena Sirelová\’s other, in this case very shameless, attempts to raise money for the Babish handouts. While the excitement over the proposal to impose a 7% tax on Internet giants such as Facebook and Google to force the U.S. to retaliate has not abated, Schiller has struck another blow. This time he dealt a blow to investment apartment owners. Investment apartments are rented out, not lived in themselves.
Prázdné kapsy

Previously, there was a tax exemption for the sale of such apartments. However, the head of the Treasury Department is changing that and punishing owners of apartments that have only been owned for less than 15 years with a 15% tax on their profits. This is an unprecedented attack on the middle and upper classes doing business in the area. To the Communists, the proposal sounds like heavenly music, and their boss, Wojciech Philip, has misled the public with a powerful Bolshevik-like statement that “apartments are primarily used for living, not as an investment to make someone pay the owner rent on an apartment.” It was a cut from the 1950s, and the CSSD, though not opposed to further discussion, showed unprecedented judgment. The committee\’s chairman, Jan Hamacek, has expressed doubts about the proposal\’s defense that it will ultimately lead to the liberation of the housing market. Chairman Hamacek, on the other hand, believes that it would be complicated. plausible.
Bytový dům
Tax incentives and state support are more favorable for buying and selling apartments than for renting, for example, when there are transfers to more distant locations.
Perhaps in an effort to wolf down the ANO 2011 coalition government and keep the Social Democratic goat intact, the ČSSD has put forward its own proposal to abolish depreciation on business vehicles with a purchase price of more than $1 million. In other words, if you use a car for business purposes with a purchase price of up to 1 million yen, excluding VAT, you can depreciate it, and if you buy a more expensive car, you will be in big trouble.
Unfortunately, all the recent and current dance over the treasury shows that Minister Schiller, who is admired by President Zeman, is not performing her role well. The opposition parties are constantly calling attention to her unskillful behavior, but the prime minister and her party boss, Andrei Babiš, are completely immune from such criticism. The reasons for this are not hard to imagine. Given the “subsidy problem,” Andrei Babiš does not care who sits as finance minister, whether the country\’s coffers are full, or whether rats and spiders are crawling around. All he cares about is his own coffers. Let\’s hope that after the next election he will stop caring about the country\’s finances. Not to mention Alena Schiller…