Simplicity and Coziness

Who would not want a warm and cozy home where they can feel safe and comfortable? This housing trend is becoming increasingly popular because of its ability to create this special atmosphere while remaining extremely simple and natural. Another great advantage of Scandinavian-style interior furnishings is that they are definitely economical and unpretentious.
In any case, the basis and essence of a modern-style home is furniture made of pure, natural materials with clean, high-quality aesthetic values.

dřevo v domě

Wood as a foundation

Wood is the most commonly used material. Another important aspect is the use of light shades. The light colors of the natural materials used are primarily combined with white, cream, beige, and gray. Such light color combinations are both natural and practical. In Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland, where winters are very long and harsh and there is little natural light during the day, the colors in the house are as light as possible. This is because they spend the winter mainly inside their homes and spend most of the year there. This style of living is popular with many people, and not only in colder regions.
Scandinavian-style furniture has a simple, natural look and often uses geometric shapes. The large amount of space without furniture allows the room to remain airy, calm, and fresh.

dřevěný nábytek


Floors are a big part of this style. Floors should be wood, preferably with classic planks. This is because such floors were commonly made in this country in the last century and worked well. Wood is beautiful to look at, warm to the touch, and provides excellent insulation. Equally important is the finish of the wood. In this style, wood is used in its most natural form, with as little processing as possible.
In Scandinavian homes, floors are often used for relaxing, based on the presence of a fireplace in the room, and people choose floors near the fireplace where the heat radiates for a moment of relaxation. Soft pads, rugs, cushions, and low tables are often placed on the floor. Wicker wood baskets are also essential.