Politics have been simmering over one major issue for quite some time. Let\’s just say it has been since climate change was recognized as an immense problem for the future. Emissions are the carbon footprint, primarily CO2and other substances freely released into the atmosphere. These substances further affect the input of ultraviolet radiation, which is dangerous to us and can cause cancer in large quantities. The largest sources of emissions are automobiles, fire-intensive factories, and coal-fired power plants. Because their emissions are vastly higher than average, they are a global problem.

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It is mainly the European Union that is looking for solutions to this phenomenon: the EU sees the biggest problem in cars and is taking the biggest measures here. The masses are definitely aware of their limitations and are deciding accordingly what kind of car to buy. Electric cars are becoming the most interesting offer. Needless to say, not all cars produce exhaust emissions as a source of power, but electric and hydrogen cars do. Hydrogen cars are incredibly harmful, using fuel that is twice as expensive as fossil fuels and requiring twice as many tanks. Not to mention, there are very few hydrogen dealers in the country. At that point, there is probably no interest in hydrogen cars from anyone.

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Not so with electric vehicles. So are electric vehicles superior to internal combustion vehicles? Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable vehicles with more affordable charging stations. Electric vehicles do not increase carbon dioxide emissions because they use only electricity for propulsion. However, after a few hundred miles, they are completely environmentally friendly. New internal combustion engine cars, on the other hand, are out of luck, as they require less power and overpriced catalytic converters to be able to sell. So it\’s up to the person to decide whether to pay the extra money for an electric car or stick with the internal combustion engine.