Once you\’re comfortably in the car and ready to drive, try out the ultimate adaptive cruise control. It monitors the speed you set and adjusts your driving accordingly. If another car appears in front of the car and is traveling at a slightly slower speed, the car will slow down to that speed. When it is able to do so, it will return to the selected speed. When you are done driving, you need to park somewhere. Thanks to this, you no longer have to stress about parking in tight spaces. But it doesn\’t end there. Occasionally, a motorcyclist will be trying to pass you and you will be trying to get into the left lane.
stará Fiesta

But the castle\’s radar sensors detect it and prevent a catastrophic collision. Another modern classic is Lane Keep Assist. Another undeniable advantage is the ability to read traffic signs. Drivers might miss the signs. In the Fiesta, however, the current sign can be read on the instrument panel.
Ford Fiesta


The company has actively introduced an environmentally friendly, 1-liter capacity gasoline engine. It has won the best engine of the year award six times. Whether you buy this engine or not is entirely up to you. Everyone has their own priorities and ideas. This engine has an output of up to 92 kW and emits almost no pollutants, so it does not burden the natural environment. Despite this small volume, it produces a sportier sound. Once in the queue, the Star Stop system is automatically activated. This is mainly for economic reasons, to save as much fuel as possible. This relatively simple measure can reduce average consumption in the city by up to 10%. If further savings are desired, the system can be switched to ECO mode. Next, let\’s talk about the gearbox. You can choose between manual and automatic transmission. Personally, I would prefer the manual, but many drivers dislike the convenience of the automatic. Of course, there is also the aerodynamics of the body and parts. This helps to reduce aerodynamic drag and also helps to achieve better driving characteristics.