Children are very complex and lovely creatures. As they grow up, their thoughts are very different from ours as adults. The moment we decide to have children, we have to be sure that we can give them everything they need as parents and that they absolutely want to have an extended family. This decision affects our entire life from beginning to end. This decision will turn our lives around 100%.


It takes a lot of determination, love, and patience. At first they wake us up 10 times a night, then they stop wanting to see us, then they tell us how much they hate us, then they come up with outrageous ideas, and who knows what else. But we must not lose patience with them. Adolescence is one of the most difficult times for children, the time when they need us the most and need us the least. We must be vigilant, but we must respect their privacy.


When children are young, we take them to kindergarten and school to help them gradually learn independence and prepare them for their own lives. Everything happens so fast that we often don\’t realize it and suddenly our children leave us and forget about us. This is especially hard for mothers, who have a stronger and deeper bond with their children. But they are still our children, and even if they don\’t appreciate it, they will always see us as someone who gave them life. It is truly complicated and almost impossible to be a perfect parent. No one is completely perfect. Even our children, though we may see them that way for most of our lives.

Whatever our children are, we must teach them as much as we can so that they are at least somewhat prepared for the life that awaits them. Many adults do much the same as their parents.