Let\’s start with the view of children . What is the most important thing in your life?
. Every little child wants a mom and dad who will snuggle and cry with them. Just to be loved. But is it so important to have a mom and dad? Isn\’t the most important thing love itself?
Why don\’t adults like it? Because it is unnatural for children to be raised by homosexuals.” Because they can convince their children that they “should be gay. Or because a child will be bullied for having only two uncles.
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Yes, this is a problem that undoubtedly arises. However, I think it is more important that the child be happy in the family environment. Most people agree that the traditional family should be the priority. However, many parents abuse their children, place them in social institutions, and are not happy. So why shouldn\’t children grow up in homosexual couples, who are often more harmonious than heterosexuals? Obviously, only confirmed couples would be able to have children.
What about those single mothers? Are they better suited to raise children than couples with more options? It is good that there are at least some single mothers. But there are also services like orphanages. They raise many children without maternal love. Are gay couples really not a better option than places like orphanages? I am not saying that these institutions do not try to make their children happy. Unfortunately, that is not within human power.
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So why is it that those who have happy families make decisions about their children, rather than those who have experienced orphanages? Do we as human beings really have such an alibi that we would rather leave our children in institutions than have them cared for by people who love them as their own children? We make this decision not for ourselves, but for our children. Even if our children come to love the same sex because of this decision, it is their life with their loving family that really matters, in my opinion. Don\’t you agree?