What do you think about computers and information technology? I think computers are good servants but bad masters. For example, I remember a friend of mine. That friend was a real computer addict and never knew when he would get bored. He didn\’t know when to turn off the computer and do something else, and because of the computer, my friend lost his job. And he took it really badly. But the worst part was that my friend blamed everyone around him for losing his job. He was very upset, especially about me, that my boyfriend suspected that he lost his job because of me. And he didn\’t give himself the excuse that maybe he lost his job because he was late for work. So don\’t blame him. He would go to bed at 2 or 3 am, play computer games, install websites, etc.

Weby jsou někdy důležité.

And he would wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning. So don\’t be surprised if he\’s sleepy, tired, or cranky. So I thought, if he were a little boy, I would ban computers altogether. But alas, I couldn\’t do that. And I didn\’t know how to use the computer to block him. Besides, he was good at computer technology. So he knew about information technology and how to install the perfect website so that he could play non-stop without interruption. He was really good with computers and websites. So it was no wonder that I had no way to stop him.

Přítel byl na počítači závislý.

In the end, my friend not only lost his job, he lost mine. He doesn\’t even care. He doesn\’t care at all that he lives alone in a lonely apartment. Maybe he\’ll figure it out on his own eventually. And he will realize that computers, websites, and computer games aren\’t everything. Offline life is good sometimes. I mean, we like computers and information technology knowledge nowadays, but it\’s really not all there is to it. There are other things to do. We understand that sometimes the things we do with computers can be so fun and interesting that we lose track of time. But we also need to understand that enough is enough. Information technology can sometimes be harmful.