This website is actually the only one that provides comprehensive information about any film, Czechoslovakia or Czech Republic. But from the beginning.
After opening the site, you will be surprised by its austerity. Pure black and white, unadorned, without decorative things, just a web. It looks a bit like an old newspaper.
Hodně stará kamera
On the left there is a small icon that continuously scrolls through the images of each movie, which can be a bit distracting for some people. The main menu is located in the classic bar, and the search engine is located on the right. Next to it is also the switch to English and the FB and YT buttons. All the same, but with a very comfortable font, it gives the impression of unfinished. But the emergence of such a Bible is a purely individual matter for each individual. What I do not like, my neighbors may like, and vice versa.
When I start scrolling down, I can\’t find anything. There are only 3 rows consisting of 2 windows, each with 1 film.They are probably selected according to a few keys, because they are all old and so black and white at once, which gives the whole sitea certain Jit
So whatever you are looking for, you have to tap on the top right of the Finder.
When you enter the name of the movie, it pops up with a lot of references in detail so that you can even find out what color the shorts of the person who delivered the coffee to the technician were.
Filmová kamera
Well, I might be exaggerating it, but because I wanted to emphasize the amount of information.
Well, yes quantity, you say, but what about quality. The latter is 100 percent here, because the entire site is controlled by the NFA, which ensures the reliability of all the data presented here. NFA stands for National Film Archive.
In the booklet about us there is even a list of the names of those who participated to some extent, orparticipated in the data stored here. And what\’s absolutely amazing here is a brief history of movie reviews from a time when we were not in the world.
If you need information about Czech films, only here.