Probably any average user will associate the Internet primarily with Google and Facebook. That is not surprising, since hundreds of millions of people visit these sites every day, but when it comes to the World Wide Web, you can go much further and much deeper. Places where the average user would never set foot. The Dark Web is for the brave who are not afraid to take a little risk. As a reward, they get access to interesting information and other things that the basic Internet would never allow them to go. But it takes more than bravery to get there too. Because without enough browsers, there is no way to get there.

deep web

Not Just Illegal Content

Many people think that the Dark Web is all about illegal content, such as child pornography and sites where you can buy illegal goods like guns and drugs. This is of course not true. The dark side of the Internet is home to many sites whose content is completely legal. Often these are semi-underground sites that cannot be found with standard search engines, so you have to dig a little deeper. Invariably, the dark web contains many times more sites than the regular Internet, as much as 70 percent. That\’s one of the reasons it\’s so vibrant.

As already mentioned, one cannot just peek into the dark corners of the Internet. For that you need a proper web browser. The well-known TOR is ideal. It is secure enough, and the latest versions are easy to use, even for amateurs.
tvář hackera
Note, however, that you must use the default settings as instructed. Never change the settings. Otherwise, you may be exposed to virus infection. 25] Browsing the dark web is not for everyone, but if you want to give it a try, it\’s no big deal Download TOR and explore the dark side of the net. You don\’t have to pay for it.