At home, are you a shower person or a bath person? Which do you prefer? Some people cannot afford to take a bath, while others prefer a quick shower. How about in your home? Some people have to decide because space is tight or the design is inconvenient. Some people choose to do both in homes where space is at a premium. This satisfies the whole family. You can plan your own bathroom and not be forced into a rental or an already finished bathroom that you don\’t want to be disturbed by.


First, let\’s look at the plus side of showers. Modern showers are beautiful. Tiling showers is modern. Both the walls and the floor are tiled. Therefore, there is no tray on the floor. All there is is a drain. The shower enclosure is closed by a sliding door or protected only by a curtain. It is usually built to enclose at least two walls, the rest of which are glazed. A large shower head is mounted securely overhead. There is also a smaller shower head connected to the faucet, which is already operable. Both have their advantages. With the operable one, you can comfortably wash the entire shower. And the larger one allows you to comfortably wash your body without having to hold anything with your hands. The shower head is for a quick rinse, perfect for those summer days when you shower several times a day.

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Another option is a bathtub. Many people use the bathtub to relax and unwind after a long day. This is when they can enjoy a moment undisturbed, without children jumping around or dogs jumping on them. There is a magic ritual hidden in the bathtub. You can relax while reading a good book or listening to relaxing music. Some romance lovers enjoy a glass of champagne with strawberries or a glass of wine in the bathtub. Everyone has his or her own way of relaxing. A warm bath is good for the body. Muscles relax beautifully and tension is eased. Thoughts are calmed and order is achieved.

They have something in common.