We all know zoos. Animals we don\’t usually see are cared for by professionals who try to give them everything they need. Polar bears, bison and kangaroos can be seen with the naked eye. Thanks to the information boards in the animal enclosures we can get a lot of information.

lední medvěd

Many school trips visit this center. The children get to see beautiful animals, often related to the topic of their term papers given by their teachers. By looking at the animals, they can better communicate their topic and describe their appearance and behavior. 21] information boardsenrich them with useful knowledge they did not know before. In many exhibition areas, visitors can directly touch the animals in the safest conditions.

In zoos, one can become a keeper or feeder of a particular species for a day in a somewhat secure setting. Such an opportunity is, of course, financed by some amount of money set by the zoo itself. With this amount of money, the zoo can provide the necessary food and improve the animals\’ enclosures.

zebra - krmení

Many of these zoos allow you to visit with your canine companion. Just be sure to check in advance. Confirmation is essential to avoid the possibility of being barred from entering with your companion. The zoo\’s price list always includes admission options.

Prague, Dvur Kralove, Usti Nad Labem, Chomutov, Plotivin, Brno, Tabor, Olomouc, Shreby, Vishkov. The fee for a dog is about 20 kronor.

The zoo\’s facilities offer refreshments to make your stay more comfortable. Burgers, cheese fries, pancakes, and other favorites are available.

Purchasing a season pass for a particular zoo allows you to go on any dates you wish without restrictions and is much cheaper than purchasing individual tickets.

Have lots of fun and get information you never knew before. Fun for the whole family.