When choosing toys for the little ones, the store offers a lot of things. But not all of them, whether spiritual or motor, support the development of the child. Therefore, choose such toys that primarily help the development and development of the child. These include, for example, balls, cubes, form puzzles, hammer pins, cloth books, and all kinds of insertion games. In what areas do they help the development of the child.Hrající si dítě.jpg
The ballis made of a variety of plastic or rubber. They grasp and manipulate things, have a direction in space, and finally, strengthen their hands when trying to send the ball along the ground, attract to it, and even strengthen their hands when throwing in later years This is a good way to develop the child\’s observation and reaction speed in a fun way.
Plastic or foam cubesare interesting variants for developing creativity and understanding of space. Simple manipulations and building cubes with each other will help the child to coordinate movements and gentle manipulations in space when trying to build the best possible cube tower. When building a wall or a whole castle, it will help the child\’s creativity. Also, unlike wooden products, the child will not be injured.
The form puzzlecan serve not only as a mat to play with, or as an alternative to a carpet. Letters, numbers, and similar shapes can be removed and the fun is in the world. Thus, the child develops an understanding of colors and shapes, allocates the right ones to each other.
The Hammer Pinis a game for older kids who understand what they want. This is a wooden pad with holes, several pegs and a wooden hammer. The tree is first put into the hole and hammered with a hammer. This type of toy develops motor skills and, most importantly, the strength of the hands.Hrací látková kniha.jpg
Playing a cloth bookis light and, most importantly, does not hurt the child. These are not only reporella, but also playbook games that allow you to tie shoelaces, pass worms to apples, give apples and other fruits to the hedgehog on the spikes will entertain the child for a long time, and with a little parental care he will be able to create his own story. Maybe about how the hedgehog went for an apple.
Insertion game– Characters, shapes and animals are variants of the next game. This is not a bubble puzzle above, but a wooden toy. Small animals, letters and figures are attached with handles, and the child returns them to the specified place on the base. This toy develops fine motor skills.
There are many other games. But before you buy something for your child, think about whether it will help him in the development of his abilities and skills.