One of the favorite ball games that children used to, and perhaps still do, play on the playground is the egg. After reading this article, it may be called something else. But we can agree that during the first decade of the new millennium, there were quite a few children playing on the lawn, whether in camp or anywhere else in the village.Dítě držící míč.jpg
What are the rules for eggnog?
All you need is a large enough flat playing field and a ball that bounces off the ground. It is best played with as many players as possible standing as close together as possible. First, one of the players throws the ball as far as possible, shouting the name of the other child. At this point, the other children, including the person who threw the ball, scatter as far away as possible from where the ball might hit them. Players waiting for the ball to fall will guess where the ball will land. After the ball lands, they wait for it to bounce three times off the ground. Then catch the ball as quickly as possible and shout “stop”! When the order is given, the other players who were running away stop in their tracks. The child with the ball then dribbles three steps to get closer to the nearest player. The child with the ball dribbles three steps. When the children face each other, the child makes a basket-like circle with both hands. The player with the ball challenges the circle three times. If he/she hits it, the child who made the basket with his/her hands throws the ball in the air in the next round.Dvě děti spolu.jpg
Of course, the basic rules of the game differ for each group of children. They may use funny nicknames or throw the ball several times during one round before entering the basket. Since the rules are up to the children, this game is multifunctional fun for them.
This game is suitable for girls who like to plan weddings, number of children, husband\’s names and furnishing the house. But boys can\’t stop playing along either. Boys can plan what kind of car or garden they will have. So what kind of game is it? As a rule, two players stand facing each other and play by throwing a ball. The first player asks the other player a question. With each throw, the other player tells the other player his or her choice; the second player either catches the ball and agrees or bounces the ball back to the first player and rejects it. It is up to the children to decide what questions to ask and what choices to give. Again, these rules make this game versatile and fun.