Weight loss became a fad in our country long ago. But somehow, as the statistics suggest, we have not done so well in this regard. Because if you only look at what people say about how much weight they plan to lose by what date, it seems like we have been a nation of skinny cookies for a long time. But if you look around, you will see that this is not the case.
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It is quite logical. We want to lose weight because slim lines are synonymous with beauty in our part of the world, and we cannot do so because it is not pleasant to restrict food, let alone sports, let alone exercise.
And so we commit to losing weight, sometimes trying all sorts of rather drastic methods. But usually they don\’t last more than a few days. We don\’t see results in a short period of time, and when we don\’t see an imaginary light at the end of the tunnel, we often give up. After all, I\’m not going to torture myself with hunger just to keep seeing mountains of lard.
Because few people think it is actually possible to lose weight without unpleasant, health-damaging, cruel starvation. And sooner or later, this leads to the infamous yo-yo effect of losing weight and then gaining it right back.
This is not a solution.
If you want to lose weight, you have to know that starving yourself doesn\’t make sense. Therefore,andit is more important to adjust your eating habits. Simply create meals that will help you feel better and lose weight at the same time.
But don\’t stop there. This is only the first step. Because if you really want to lose weight, you must accept that you cannot lose weight without exercise, preferably sports. This does not mean hurting your poor body in the gym, but exercise that suits your abilities. If you can\’t do more than that for the time being, then a very regular long walk is fine. Eventually, you can get tougher, put higher demands on yourself, and eventually reach the level of a real athlete. Or even if you don\’t, it doesn\’t matter that much.
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Just limit your food intake and move appropriately.
And you can splurgeon quality products that will help you lose weight. But it really only helps. Because just like any drastic diet, berries alone will not help you lose weight. You can\’t cheat the laws of conservation of energy and matter. Even the most literal physicist can\’t do it.