Women are more likely than men to suffer from headaches, migraines, fatigue, low physical and mental stamina, and a sense of lack of energy. Can women affect these uncomfortable conditions? If fatigue is not related to illness, we can at least try to eliminate some of it. Fatigue affects our physical and mental performance. What is the best way to combat fatigue? Ward off energy deficiency with alcohol is definitely not a good choice.
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You may feel energized for a while. It won\’t be long before it has the opposite effect. Instead, prefer a refreshing soft drink. Make homemade lemonade and add lemon and herbs. Mint, lemon balm, and fresh fruit will enhance the drink. Also, take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, vitamin B, and provitamin A are important. Magnesium, calcium, and zinc are important for minerals. Make sure you also have plenty of relaxation. A walk will oxygenate and refresh you. Take a bath and drink herbal tea. Aromatherapy will also be pleasant. Temporary fatigue is easy to fight off. Chronic fatigue is difficult to eliminate and can cause health problems. Increased susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. You may experience uncomfortable chest pressure and palpitations. However, fatigue may warn against certain diseases.
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Possible causes include diabetes, hormonal fluctuations, menopause, and thyroid dysfunction. Fatigue can also be caused by not drinking enough. Our energy is also affected by the seasons. We often feel sluggish, especially during the winter months when daylight hours are shorter. These times of year can also be accompanied by mental discomfort, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Try not to give in to these negative feelings. Get enough sleep to restore your rest and vitality.