With decades of research, we have learned a lot about twins. For example, that most twins are born in Africa. But that is not the only interesting thing. If you too are about to give birth to twins, there are a few things you should know about twins.
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Twins are rare. I mean how many twin babies are there in the world? Not many by any means, right? So if you have identical twin babies, it is very rare.

A strong sibling bond

is much stronger and more important than a sibling bond. 14]They can touch each other as early as the 17th week of pregnancy
. The bond between identical twins is very strong.

Twins develop their own language
and simply think differently from other children. Twins develop their own language by the time they are about one year old, which only they can communicate with each other. [Did you know that twins can have two different fathers?
If a woman has sex with two lovers in a row, two eggs are released at ovulation and can be fertilized by two different men.
Have you ever wondered if identical twins have the same fingerprints and if their identities can be confused? Each twin has his or her own fingerprints.
Interesting fact: Did you know that just as twins each have a fingerprint, they also have a smell? So a dog (or any other animal) would never be confused with a twin.
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Did you know…

– Twins have up to a 22 percent chance that at least one of their children will be left-handed.
– Twins can be easily distinguished at birth by the shape and healing of their navels.
– Twins are born a few minutes apart, but can they be born a few days apart?
– The gestation period is short, usually ending around the 37th week.