Everyone loves going to the zoo. Both children and adults. There are many zoos in the Czech Republic. All zoos offer very interesting environments. Whether it is a huge zoo or a small zoo, there is something for everyone. Zoos combine adventure, fun, and education. Most family trips go to the zoo. Most are day trips. Some animal lovers get season tickets to the nearest zoo in order to visit the animals regularly and repeatedly. This is despite the fact that season tickets are not inexpensive.

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They also go abroad


Despite this wonderful background of the Czech Republic, Czech tourists are also eager to travel to neighboring countries, for example, no one misses the famous zoo in Vienna. Czech tourists also frequent Poland, Germany, and Hungary. If you belong to this type, then the zoo in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is definitely not to be missed.

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Visit Bratislava Zoo

The city and its zoo are definitely worth a visit. Construction of the Bratislava Zoo began in the 1950s. The grand opening was in 1960; in the 1980s, the zoo faced a major crisis when 2/3 of the zoo area was taken out of service due to highway construction; in the early 21st century, the zoo began to grow again, and today the place is definitely worth a visit.

Most gardens have something unique that attracts guests. Here one can see the extraordinary care given to the apes. The monkeys here are so well cared for that they even have heated beds. Who among us would have such a thing?

Of course, Bratislava is a beautiful city, so while you\’re here, don\’t miss a visit to the historic center and the Bratislava Castle, which looks like a table turned upside down.