To avoid confusion, this article will mention the April 2014 update, but will also mention earlier ones.

The very silly notion of discontinuing a new version and only updating it a few dozen times is already not appropriate for the average user. With the old labeling, users knew that their laptop had WIN XP SP 2. This was easy for anyone to remember. Now, unfortunately, users do not know which update they have. But that is getting off the subject.
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What is an update? It used to be a security risk. There were holes in the system that hackers could easily exploit. It certainly made them happy. Now, they may be pleased with something else. That\’s because the latest version of Win 10 doesn\’t like antivirus very much. The latest report says it clearly. According to them, the situation is not getting better; on the contrary, it is getting worse.

Meanwhile, the report mentions Avast and Sophos. These are said to be the most troublesome. The antivirus program refuses to even start, let alone check for anything.

McAfee has been very controversial; Ars Technica has written about problems with the software, but Microsoft has so far denied it and has yet to include it in its list of problematic software.

If you are having such problems, don\’t despair. The team that is supposed to fix this bug says that Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender should provide complete protection in place of the antivirus feature. In my personal opinion, this is too bold a claim.
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For the benefit of the experts “chasing” in this area, I will add a few sentences about two companies that I believe know the cause.

The solution to the error is somewhere in sight, and Windows offers dedicated sites to which people with problems can turn. These sites should help those in distress and perhaps point them in the right direction. This would certainly satisfy the average user.