Pardubice had a major change regarding parking in May 2019. Not only is it no longer possible to park where it used to be possible, but when it is possible, it is very expensive and almost impossible. It is easy to tell people not to drive downtown. But some people just live there.

As reported in the media, the Pardubice administration has now decided to control parking much better than before. Concerns about parking in disregard of the new rules and very high parking fees have led politicians to dispatch police officers to patrol problem areas more frequently. The fact that issuing parking cards has become more complicated does not make the situation any easier for people.

strážník kontroluje parkování

When you have to, you have to

You can hardly blame the cops, since they have to follow orders from above. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see cars parked without paying in Pardubice. The policemen are everywhere, patrolling the parking lots even on days when previously they were not. If you arrive one evening, intend to leave early the next morning, don\’t have a paid parking space for the morning hours, and make a small donation, you are out of luck. This is the experience of the residents of Pardubice around Karlovina and Legion Square, as well as the Zavodu Mil complex.

It can also happen that parking fees for all paid spaces must be paid by 10 p.m., so that a few minutes before 10 p.m., it is not worth parking unless you pay for that time.
přeplněné parkoviště

According to the Pardubice City Hall administrator, there are so many changes to parking that people may not be fully aware of some of them. By increasing the frequency of checks, people can quickly become accustomed to the changes.

According to Pardubice police, almost 3,300 paid parking violations were registered between May and August.

Crisis Situation

In addition to parking fees, the lack of emergency parking is another problem in this city. The critical situation is at the train station, where it is impossible to park at all. The only place available, the T.G. Masaryk Detention Center parking lot, is a 37-minute walk from the main station.