What is it anyway?

Primark is an Irish clothing retailer. You will find clothes for women, girls, children and men, accessories, shoes, underwear, cosmetics and household equipment. It was founded in 1969 in Dublin. It is not found in this Irish city under the name Primark, but here it is known as Penneys. The store gained great popularity, so four more shops were established around Dublin. It didn\’t take long for the chain to expand into Northern Ireland and then across Ireland. Primark currently operates 370 stores and employs more than 75,000 people. They enjoy great popularity mainly because of cheap resources, simple design, low price achieved by using fabrics and materials. But they also adhere to certain principles in their production. These include, for example, ensuring safe working conditions and sanitation, ecological conditions, no child labor, no discrimination, no bribery and corruption, a minimum of self-sufficiency and many others. Their goods are also popular because of their originality, fashionable design of goods and great ideas.
václavské náměstí

Where is it located

Until now, the Czech Republic had the closest stores to Germany and Austria. On the 2nd month of the year, the news came that this legendary store can be seen in the Czech Republic. It should be in Prague on Wenceslas Square. Specifically, it is located in the flower building on Wenceslas Square 47. According to the plan, construction should be completed next year, that is, in 2020. We can look forward to 3 floors of this amazing product. The total area of the store will be 4,700 square meters.

Surprisingly, there are also 3 branches open in the Canary Islands. However, the chain is not only planning to expand to the Czech Republic. Another store will open in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Another 1 expansion is planned to take place in the Polish neighbors, and will also be the premiere of this chain.