These days, we spend more time at home than ever before. On the way home from work, I make a quick stop to buy supplies and hurry home. Movie theaters, theaters, and exhibition halls are either closed or I don\’t want to go anywhere for safety reasons. Once home, however, we begin to notice and perceive the disruption caused by our loss of productivity. We are tired, depressed, anxious, and in many cases fed up with the situation that flows from all the media.

výměna myšlenek

And now is precisely the time for change. Read this book by Marie Kondo, a famous Japanese cleaning specialist. It\’s not just about cleaning your house, it\’s about cleaning your mind and rethinking your surroundings. Her international bestselling book, “The Miracle of Cleaning: Tidying Up Once and for All”is about opening up your thoughts and gaining a new perspective.
CalledKonmari, this method is not a shock cleanup, but a one-time comprehensive cleanup. In particular, it involves each member of the household rigorously setting out his or her storage bins. This should not be confused with classification. The important thing is that each item has a designated place. Once left without a “home,” clutter will automatically begin to accumulate around it. There is nowhere for them to go. And simply moving things around gives oneself a false sense of hope that things are tidy.

rodinný domek se srdíčkem nad vchodem

This new method will not be for everyone, at least not for all free thinkers. This is because one must follow all the steps in the book unconditionally and precisely. Only by doing so can you reach the desired goal. But it is worth changing. Once you are free of the cobwebs of dysfunctional memories, free of those that suffered only from habit and nostalgia, you will suddenly find that it is easier to breathe.
You will begin by organizing your clothes, then say goodbye to books, papers and documents, appliances and kitchenware, and finally items that evoke memories and emotions.