1.Before buying a child\’s toy, ask a question before buying a child\’s toy.       Will this toy fit my children\’s toy collection?
Do you think it\’s really necessary to buy a 10th Barbie Doll when your princess already has 11? This time, for example, it was not better to buy a set of beads for yarn?
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2.       Is the toy enough to last longer?
At first glance, it is absolutely not worth buying a toy that your child seems to fall apart after 1 day of use. Young children do not yet fully understand that the toy needs to be treated carefully, so it is important that the toy withstands anything.
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3.       Is the toy safe and appropriate for my child\’s age?
The toy age recommendation is to take an appointment as soon as you can see that your child has not been able to play almost anything but rattle until 3 years old. Still, it would be good to make sure that the selected toy has passed the safety test. Make sure that there is really no risk of inhaling small parts, or that the toy may be made of toxic substances.
4.       Does this toy somehow raise my child?
Try to buy children\’s toys that really develop them in several ways. Is it really necessary to buy a plastic gun for a child? Do you need to have 2 closets full of stuffed animals in the house?
5.       How long will this toy keep the child entertained?
Try to buy only toys that you believe will keep your child entertained for a few seconds or more. Choose the toy that your child will want to return to.
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6.       What does this toy teach my child?
How about a children\’s kit? You are not going to stop the boy from playing with anything of his interest. Sometimes girls like to ride cars and trains. This supports their diversity and overcomes gender stereotypes.
7.       Is it a social toy or is it a lonely toy?
In this case, both answers are not wrong, so make sure that both types of games are balanced. If you can buy a toy that looks fun for both the child and you, you win.