Who doesn\’t love shopping? Bargains, seasonal discounts, packed stores, and how does it feel to e-shop online and not have anything to wear? But shopping can also be dangerous when certain thresholds are crossed. It may not be directly life-threatening like drug use, medication, or excessive alcohol consumption, but it is definitely a disorder, and nowhere else but in our heads. That is why early detection and treatment is necessary. Because neither our wallets nor our bank accounts are bottomless, we can be pushed into financial ruin or, worse yet, be saddled with debt for years to come. If one falls prey to the emotional feelings experienced when shopping, this is referred to by the term “oniomania.” In the case of a permanent addiction, it is called shopaholism.
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If you only go shopping occasionally with good friends and buy nice things like blouses, skirts, dresses, handbags, shoes, etc., you need not worry about having a mental disorder. But if shopping is a way of coping with mental problems and looking for a way to escape the mundanity of everyday life, then it is no longer normal. The fact that shopping is no longer normal is indicated by the fact that you are buying things that are completely unnecessary and wasteful. Furthermore, the problem escalates and the consequences can be immensely damaging, destroying the entire family in addition to the debt and causing depression.
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It is possible to avoid shopping addiction. Buy only what you really need and, more importantly, what you have the money for. Tolerate discounts and other temptations from retailers. Write down on paper what you really need and stick to that list. Do not stay too long in the store. Ideally, buy only what you need and leave your credit card at home.