Are you always used to paying for a bus ticket? So, you probably do not have to worry about anything, only if you have enough money in your wallet or bus card. For example, you may have a train ticket that you need to buy elsewhere. Especially when it comes to 1-day and multi-day tickets. However, there are several ways to make the work easier and buy tickets.

železniční tunel

I usually buy it on a terminal. But they are often full, especially in large cities, where many travelers and tourists come. So you can wait, but if you do not have much time, you can use other options, sometimes much faster.

There are vending machines in the city. These are mainly cities where trams operate. You can buy any ticket very quickly, in addition, there are not so many people in these vending machines. Similarly, there are several subway vending machines at once, and if you\’re lucky you\’ll come across free ones. But, unfortunately, there are many people in Prague, and on ordinary days many use slot machines.

This means that you will not give up, but, on the contrary, look for a news agent in Prague on the metro, for example, relay and buy here. Of course, there may be smaller queues, but otherwise they are empty. And shopping is fast and also a place from where you are about to disappear.
hudební automat retro

There is complete news in some places. There is no need to go somewhere anymore, you just need to write something specified on the phone and send it as an SMS. Within 2 minutes, you will receive a return SMS with an electronic ticket. If you accidentally delete an SMS, you can send another message and a copy will come to you. It\’s a really easy way, and in this day and age where many things are arranged online, it\’s almost necessary. After all, you can shop online even through Regiojet, and no paper is needed. For those who make the most of the technology, such a feat is another plus. And as technology continues to advance, we can expect electronic tickets to become routine.