I suppose we all like to wear new, expensivelooking things. After all, no one likes to wear the same thing over and over again. After all, it is boring! But we need to consider whether it is worth the feeling. We don\’t want to feel the joy of buying something new and at the same time the disappointment of having spent a lot of money.
nákup i s lístkem
Am I not a shopaholic?
Not everyone enjoys shopping, but it is nice to get something new. However,“I might be able to use this,”and what I buy is no longer okay. We need to feel the need for new things and know exactly what we need them for. And while you\’re at home watching TV or eating ice cream, you\’ll have three gym kits hanging in your closet.

Shopping calms me down more than a shrink
But have you noticed how much money I spent on those new shoes because I broke up with my boyfriend? On a new jacket because you fell behind at work, on a new gold chain because you think it will make you more beautiful? Definitely more than a psychiatrist.
barevné košile na ramínkách
The spending never stops!
– Try to avoid clothing racks and things that might stop you and empty your wallet
– Take receipts of everything new and count how much you spent on them
– Tell yourself if its worth it, you really need and can afford it
– Find a cheaper activity to calm down and relax
– Read a book
– Go for a cup of tea with a friend
– Exercise
– Go out with a friend
– Put any extra money in a piggy bank with no lid

Happiness can be money can buy, but if you buy 20 T-shirts, 5 pairs of jeans, and 3 jackets, you will experience happiness until they start to look worn out again. So buy new things again, spend money again on new clothes. Don\’t look for comfort in shopping. Who will comfort you when you run out of money from shopping forever crying? You will be much happier and live much longer. And it\’s cheaper.