Where were the days when computers were made of wood and powered by cranks? You know that from your school history textbooks. That the mammoth hunting tribe had only one computer for the whole tribe. Can\’t you even remember that? Well, I admit I may have been a little wrong. But that\’s as far as I got. Not even a step. It\’s not even true anymore that we old guys who started out with Atari computers are now in an era where no one remembersor can even imagine working on an Atari computer anymore. For example, the little cartridges. Who knows?


Well, even when Windows started, it was no big deal. Shoving 40 floppy disks into a computer was pretty crazy too.

Yeah, those were the days.

Now, everything is done over the Internet, floppy disks are long obsolete, CD writing is slowly but surely fading from the scene, DVDs are dying out, and USB is taking over the world. What comes next remains to be seen. In fact, we are packing more and more information into smaller and smaller pancakes. For example, the same information technology, the cell phone, has more and more space to store what we need. For example, I have books and music.


I used to be content with a two-line display on my phone. Colors and all that? No way, only when a friend came over from Germany and showed off his color display as big as a matchbox. We all envied him. Now the display is as big as a cow if you allow it to be, and it doubles in size because it can be opened like a book.

Now, for those who don\’t want to believe my story, I still have a cell phone with that color display in my house. I don\’t use it out of spite. I just check it once a year.

It\’s not worth thinking about where progress will go from here. Will cell phones ever fold up and fit in a vest pocket? Will it still be the same? Or will it be something completely different? Let\’s be surprised.