Before summer, you wanted to lose a few pounds in your swimsuit. You adjusted your diet and pedaled twice a week. And you succeeded in losing weight and wanted to continue this throughout the summer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are everywhere. But in the summer you often gain weight. How is this possible? And what are the pitfalls?


Sugary drinks

It is easy to forget about drinks, but even drinks can successfully increase calorie intake. Be especially wary of iced coffee, for example, if it is served with whipped cream or ice cream. Also, beware of ice chips. While refreshing in the moment, they can add up to a large intake of sugar. The same goes for sweet sodas. Hot weather increases the need for fluids, but plain water is best. If you drink too much, try homemade iced tea or homemade lemonade with mint.

Did you know: Iced coffee with ice cream, whipped cream, and sweet syrups can have up to 330 calories


Alcohol is another category of summer liquid calorie pitfalls It is. Enjoy an Aperol spritz in a restaurant garden and pour two glasses of white wine for dinner. That\’s 450 calories in one sitting.

Tip: Choose a good dry white wine

Ice cream

Ice cream is a summer tradition, it is true. There is no need to ban it completely, but if you are concerned about your figure, choose fruit flavors and fruit sorbets over creamy ones.



Invitations to barbecues at friends\’ houses. There is another symbol of summer that should not be banned completely. Be careful with meat dressings and sauces, however. Replace french fries with grilled vegetables and watch your overall food intake.


If you are the type of person who gains 2 kg at the sight of a cake roll, beware of fruits too. While high in vitamins, minerals, and water, they are also high in sugar. Again, watch the quantity.

Did you know: Grapes, peaches, apricots, and bananas contain the most sugar

These are common pitfalls that can put a little water on our slim figure. But on the other hand, you want to enjoy the holidays a little and don\’t want to stress about calories. So don\’t be so hard on yourself and try to find a balance between healthy eating and the occasional guilty pleasure.