The moment you are in a romantic relationship with another person, the men around you move away. Except for one person who is yours and the center of your world at this very moment. But how do those around you, and more importantly, how do you approach them? They say jealousy is healthy, but only up to a point.
řev v koupelně
He flirts with others and ignores me.

He casts glances and smiles at other women and you stand next to him. You just feel a gentle tug on your heart and try not to show it. Scenes of the two of you together, and you holding her head in your hands, flit through your mind. Your only question is, why is this man doing this? Some men, despite their commitment to a relationship, need to show themselves to the best of their ability and to show that they are free. But there is one thing that we female souls do not understand. With whom does he share all his feelings? To whom does he confide his personal affairs most often? With whom does he go home at night and with whom does he wake up next to in the morning? And above all, who does she kiss passionately? Yes, it is you!
Regret, regret, regret…
With guilt comes strife and regret. You reprimand your one half for many things, but to reprimand her for laughing and being friends with another woman is a bit much, don\’t you think? So how is such a relationship maintained? Clearly, trust is not at the forefront of cohabitation and that is not good for the road to happiness. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your boyfriend is talking to someone else and you just look at him with your hands clenched into fists, wondering if his nails are digging into your palms? Do you grit your teeth and wish you were alone to watch them rather than have them broken like that? If you are the jealous type of woman, even if you don\’t want to admit it, something similar is probably happening to you.
Šťastný pár
She won\’t leave you alone, so you act offended. 20]

Is this the right approach to problem solving? Why not sit down with a friend and tell him how you feel when this is bothering you? This is the problem in romantic relationships today. Fourth eye communication. You rather pretend to be concerned, gossip about your boyfriend in front of your friends, and after a while act as if nothing happened. After a few days, you are back to square one. What is the point of such things? Why do we stew like this, grating our nerves over something that probably won\’t change anything? Every man has an ego that wants to prove something to himself.
Consider the fact that men are not the only ones doing wrong. We too can have a guilty conscience and try to change something about ourselves.