This app allows you to watch TV shows up to 48 hours back and even record them. A comprehensive database of movies and animated series is available. However, since they are streamed directly from the TV channel, you need to take into account that there will be commercials. However, these can be easily skipped. Comparing this Internet TV application to Netfix, it is less user-friendly (early series are sometimes missing), but it offers the most Czech series that are rarely available elsewhere.6] dálkový ovladač

The advantage of Internet TV is that when one has time and the mood programs when the time and mood are right. You are not tied to the exact time the program (series) is shown on the TV screen. Another convenience is that you can watch your favorite programs on your mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

Comprehensive database of Czech movies and series

Fortunately, the program supports multiple end devices on different platforms, and in the user interface the application remembers the last playback and records its exact time. So, for example, the reality is that you are watching episode 5 of your favorite 1980s TV series “Arabella” in your living room, pause it in the middle of playback, head out of town to the train station, and an hour later sit down in your compartment to continue watching the rest of the series. The app can be linked to different devices with an account, so you can watch it on your big screen TV at home and on your smartphone on the train.
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The app interface also has its own movie database that acts as a video rental service; Kuki has partnered with Banaxi, the latter of which offers hundreds of movies online. Czech films are also available, for example, the very popular Angel of the Road II. The quality of the movies is second to none, and all movies are available in HD, with the latest films, of course, in full HD.
Kuki TV costs 200 kronor per month for the basic version. Subscribers to the more expensive service will get a total of 60 programs, support for multiple devices, and the ability to purchase premium Cinemax and HBO channels. It runs in top mode, especially in the Android TV environment.