The most common causes of traffic accidents are
– drunk driving
– not giving way
– improper passing
– speeding

There are many places today where you can get a driving license. Some people are lucky enough to get their license at a driving school, but most people visit a driving school later in life from circumstances that compel them to do so (commuting to work, taking their children to school, going out for fun or shopping, etc.)
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It is advisable to choose your driving school carefully

Because different driving schools The quality of services offered varies widely, so it is important to be very careful when choosing a school. If you choose the cheapest school in a small town, you will learn very little. You will be driving through villages where several cars come and go. You will not experience traffic lights, trams, highways, night driving, and especially city traffic.
If you cannot get enough information about the quality of the driving school from people you know in the area, the Internet may give you a good idea.

Ask detailed questions on the spot

If you already know where the school is located, don\’t be shy about asking questions about everything it has to offer and how the theoretical and practical lessons are delivered. No one wants to sit in a clubhouse watching 30 year old videotapes of theoretical lessons with no instructor and no opportunity to ask questions. And it happens.
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Knowledge of traffic rules should not be taken lightly either

The final exam requires careful preparation. If you are not yet confident in your driving skills, a good driving school will give you additional driving practice, focusing on problem areas. Theory must be carefully studied and knowledge must be continuously drawn upon. It would be a mistake to learn only before passing the test and know nothing before being issued a driver\’s license.

How about you, would you take a traffic rule test from time to time? Would you pass it and get behind the wheel with a clear mind?