Animals never cease to amaze us and we never cease to admire them. There are many beautiful species, but we never have the opportunity to see them up close with our own eyesexcept in zoos. In these zoos, the animals live and are cared for by keepers, many even saving their lives. By paying admission to see the animals, you support them. In return, you get to appreciate the beauty of all kinds of animals, from the exotic to the protected. [The Czech Republic has several large and very nice zoos that are worth the trip, even though it is a small country. In addition, the Czech Republic has a crocodile zoo, which is unlike any other zoo in the world.
malá opička
In total, the Czech Republic has 13 zoos
(Prague, Hodonin, Brno, Zlín, Decin, Tábor, Usti nad Labem, Plzeň, Ostrava, Olomouc, Hluboká nad Vltavu, Jihlava, Liberec), two large zoos, and many small parks and gardens.
There are also two specific gardens, one with crocodiles and the other with lots of parrots. So there really is something for everyone and it doesn\’t matter where you are from. Some of them are worth a longer trip.
Crocodile Zoo Protivín: Don\’t forget a trip to Protivín, where you will find rare crocodiles, alligators and albino crocodiles. You can see all of them quite up close and personal, a truly extraordinary experience. During the terrarium, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, so you may feel a bit cold. Therefore, caution should be exercised when entering with children or those who are seriously ill.
hlava aligátora
Bošovice Parrot Zoo: If you like cute and colorful feathered creatures, you should definitely visit the Parrot Zoo. You have never seen so many colors together. The kids will be delighted.
Sea World Prague: The sea fascinates many people. Not only for its beauty, but also for its depth and mystery. SeaWorld shows us some of the mysteries of the sea. A wonderful experience and spectacle. Many beautiful fish, sea animals, sharks, rays, and not least the creatures of the ocean floor can be seen.