Children want furry friends and we are trying to accommodate them. But it is good to think a little about the choice and choose so that the child can at least partially take care of him. Children often want to have a dog in the house, but in his case it is necessary to approach it, as if you have another child than a pet. Before the child gets used to caring for a pet and does not forget about it, he needs to keep a small animal in the house and try to take care of him. Fortunately, you can choose from a lot of small pets.

křeček v hoblinách

Hamsters and guinea pigs

When we were little, we all had hamsters. 1. The popular small rodent is one of the most unpopular first pets. Not only guinea pigs, but also care is not taken care of. It is enough that they have not only clean cages, food and water, but also some entertainment and luxury. Guinea pigs are probably more suitable for small children, because they can withstand more than hamsters and allow the child to play better. Hamsters are more shy, but they can also be tamed. Be sure to add a carousel or similar toy to the hamster cage.Nights tend to be active and have to be enjoyed. Guinea pigs are quite lazy and do not chase much. Garbage provides classic sawdust, and bait can be purchased in pet shops. But both enjoy fruits and vegetables, as well as hard pastries and biscuits.
potkan domácí


Domestic dwarf rabbits are an ideal companion even for small children. The rabbit is a slightly larger pet, it needs such a large cage and takes up a lot of space. But he is very friendly and kind and can be well tamed. Caring for him is not as difficult as a hamster or guinea pig. But the rabbit needs considerable movement, you can run the domesticated rabbit around the apartment. Just be careful, he is a rabbit, so he likes to gnaw whatever he can find.


Overgrown mouse with a long tail. Many people find the rat\’s tail annoying, but still very cute and very friendly. Rats can be tamed by running when called. They are very fond of contact and cuddling and need attention. If you pay attention to them, they will reward you. Care for him, in turn, is, in fact, not all requests, as with all previous ones. The rat does not run, so you can let him run freely, he will stick to you. They need movement and they are very behavioral animals.