At the beginning of her life, her name was Margaretha Gertruder Zell. But few would know her by that name. Mata Hari,and almost everyone knows her by that name. To this day, historians and laymen alike disagree on whether she was truly a cunning spy who deserved her fate, or a naive woman who just wanted adventure. She started her career quite late. As a result, she experienced a steep decline even as she rose to great heights.
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Finally in the limelight,

at the age of 29, she finally emerged from the studios of lower-class painters into the world of admiration. She made her first stage appearance at the National Asian Art Museum. There he dances an oriental dance and changes his name to “Eye of the Day” or
Mata Hari. Adding the romantic allegory of her kidnapping at age 13 by a young officer who fell in love with her promises a path to success.
The mysterious beauty who was to be born to Bayadera and a noble Brahmin conquers the world.
She dances in France, in Germany, and in Holland. Her fate was sealed the moment a German consul offered her 20,000 francs for information during the First World War. She immediately becomes an informant for the other side, namely France, and signs her death warrant. Paradoxically, her information was deemed of little importance, even worthless. Coincidence also intervened in her fate in a bad way. An important plan regarding the French offensive was revealed by another unnamed spy.
o The operation was a disaster and the soldiers mutinied.
o The culprits had to be found.
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Mata Hari, a woman who did not want to lead a boring, mundane life, was blamed for the death of 50,000 soldiers.There was no turning back. The execution took place at the Château de Vincennes outside Paris. The firing squad consisted of 12 soldiers. Only three of them fired at their targets and hit them.