How and where we present ourselves is what draws customers inIf we can attract them and make a good first impression, we\’ve half won.
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Trade fairs

create a unique image of ourselvesby how our booth looks and how we react to customer interaction. We will present our company, its external and internal policies. We have the opportunity to create key customers and actively spread awareness of our firm.
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If we have our own store, it is in our best interest to have appropriately knowledgeable people working there. It goes without saying that everyone needs to understand and follow the company\’s policies toward its customers. Even a simple, often underappreciated cleaning can do a lot.

We use the Internet. Websites should be easy to understand and navigate. Graphics should not be gaudy or dull. There should be regular updatesand posts older than a year should not appear on the home page. It gives the impression that nothing is happening .

The online store must be linked to the site and can even exist independently, but you will lose customers who simply will not click through. Graphics must be identical to the site. Clear menus, company name, shopping cart system. We all know it. But sometimes we get frustrated, and if we remove those things, customers will be happierand come back to us instead of our competitors.
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Facebook, for example…

Every social network is our free advertising spaceandcompletely free to use. Our accounts must be linked to a site or online store. The risk with social networking is that if we are not active enough, we will quickly disappear from people\’s main sites, and it will be difficult for us to come back. Thus, an important rule of thumb applies. Be active!