If you are planning to build a family home, remember that it is very important, and that is enough storage space. Find a place for the dressing room, preferably between the bedroom and the bathroom. Only in this way you can quickly and comfortably slip into your clothes and wake up immediately after the morning shower. Today, small houses are designed mainly for energy saving, so the planned dimensions of the rooms are much smaller than about 20 or 30 years ago, when spacious multi-storey houses were built, and even in the basement.

košile visící na ramínkách

This is no longer seen today, because young families do not grow potatoes and fruits for storage. They are accustomed to buying everything in shops and hypermarkets, mainly because even non-seasonal fruits and vegetables are generally available all year round. But even once, growing and storing your own vegetables and fruits had its pluses. You knew what you grew up, and this, as a rule, without chemical spraying. You always had carrots, apples and potatoes at home, and you did not always have to buy supplies.
Today, building a family house with a basement is probably the secret dream of many men, and not for the storage of sculptures, but for lawn mowers for home workshops, bicycles for the whole family, skis with ski boots, skis, drills, grinders and a loop for carrying everything that fits in the workshop. Such as a box. Often, even skilled do-it-yourself workers have to give up their dreams for family happiness, and most importantly, building a cellar today can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on a budget.

šály na krk a kravaty

Therefore, if the room remains, allow your own space where the wife, husband can evacuate and use their DIY knowledge and skills.
Try not to give up the dressing room above.That way, you don\’t have to fit the cabinet in a small bedroom, at least a little more airy. Then add a mirror, mute servant, or step into the dressing room to get to the upper floor.
Think early enough about the suitable storage space in your newly built family home. You will not regret it.