It is a fact that we are all different people, and we all have different requirements for living. In fact, there is no such thing as a universal land. Each person has different preferred landscapes and different opportunities that a new home should provide. If you are choosing a plot of land that is yet to be built on, it is definitely worth paying attention not only to your priorities, feelings, and needs, but also to the other essentialsassociated with that land. Making the wrong choice or selection can mean a rather unpleasant discovery, often irretrievable. To begin with, basic information is best obtained directly from the municipalitythat manages the land. Municipalities can also provide information on whether there are plans to build roads or industrial zones, or anything else that might affect the quality of future housing.pozemek na stavbu domu

What should I be aware of?

    • Find out if the lot is suitable for building. This information can be obtained directly from the municipal building authority where zoning plans are available. Building plots are marked here. Some of them have conditions that the builder must comply with, for example, the appearance of the roof, the height and size of the house, or the type of building that is permitted.

    • It is also a good idea to check if there are any easements or mortgages on the land,
    • or if there is a building permit,
    • or if there is an easement on the land


  • It is extremely important to have an interest kolečko a cihly na stavbě domuin a private road
    . If someone else owns access to the property, you must negotiate an easement that includes access to the parcel and the private road.

kolečko a cihly na stavbě domu

  • Are land prices [43] significantly lower? This could also happen if critical networks , especially electricity, which is truly indispensable, and water sources such as water supply, another basic and essential one, are not within reach. That would obviously make construction more expensive.
  • [48] Land near forests [49] must also be properly considered. It may be a very nice and quiet place, but one must be aware of the forest protection zone of 50 meters. Certainly, exceptions can be made for distances less than that, but this must also be properly considered. For example, you may be surprised by other restrictions that no one here would expect.