Where does advertising come from?
Advertising in general is a very dynamic industry, and especially on the Internet you have the opportunity to target you as a specific customer, it is an important promotional tool. Clients pay a reallylarge sum of money per campaign, and in return they get a certain number of impressions on various websites. The price for clicking on a particular ad is in the order of crowns, but the total is substantial, which is of course reflected in the price of the product.
In addition, there is also a great deal of interdependence, since a significant portion of the stores that present themselves in this way somewhere else will in turn reciprocate to the agenciestheir own space for other advertising messages.
web bannery
So-called adblockers work by detecting ad space on every page opened in the browser and disablingits display. In many cases, this works, but it is a double-edged sword. Most
if not all servers are virtually alivewith ads, content that you consume in some way without paying for it. Thus, it too may have tools that call in similar weapons and in turn retroactively detect that you are blocking ad space.
For example, if you try to read an article on a reputable server,you may only see the pelex of that article.
Of course, in some cases this can be “faked,” but not everywhere.
nespokojená žena
A Modest Approach
Today, truly intrusive advertising is increasingly discouraged. For example, video servers often send users a short “2-click” surveyin place of an ad spot,
where they can indicate whether they have recently seen an ad for a particular brand and how they liked it. Again,
large browsers take into account the fact that despite all efforts, the ad may not be relevant to you in any way. You have the option to mark messages you no longer want to see, and you can state why. It is also quite annoying to see an ad for a product that is attractive to you but that you already own.
Expected News
The good news is that really obtrusive spots that try to get your attention with loud noises, for example, will be penalized in the future. Browsers will block ads from such untrustworthy advertisers themselves, even without add-ons. [The question, however, is how advertisers will deal with this and what path they will then choose.