The bond between dogs and children has been the subject of many books and movies. In the real world, however, the situation is not so rosy. After all, everyone has probably heard of at least one instance where a child was bitten by a dog, often with serious consequences. It is no wonder, then, that some people consider it a very bad idea to have a small child and a dog at the same time.

On the other hand, there are those who point out the advantages of such cohabitation. And while it is true that there are, there are risks as well. Therefore, if one decides to go down this path, one should not assume that everything will go smoothly. There will always be problems, and it is up to you to solve them.

většina dětí miluje štěňátka

Remember that neither dogs nor children are robots. We must remember that neither dogs nor children are robots. And while some dogs are very tolerant, they too have their limitations.

This is another reason why dogs and children should never be left alone together under any circumstances, even for a few minutes and even if the dog is more comfortable. Dogs may love our children, but if, for example, a small child starts sticking his fingers in his mouth, nose, or eyes, it is obvious that the dog will object. And that may not be a good thing.

zvláště mladí psi mohou být někdy divocí

With older children, the situation is somewhat different. Children can already assume some of the responsibilities associated with taking care of their four-legged friends. In doing so, they learn to observe certain obligations, such as having to feed the dog on Fridays and holidays. Despite this, the train does not run.

On the other hand, one must also be careful here. For example, both parents and children are tempted to leave the dog walking to their children. However, this should be avoided. For example, if their dog is attacked by someone else\’s dog, or if their dog begins to eat something it is not supposed to eat.

Of course, there is no doubt that children benefit from living with dogs. But whether it is truly relaxing or not is up to us.