The generation gap remains exactly the same over the years, and even when the cause changes, it does not shrink, but grows to the size of the rift. However, there is one thing that grandmothers, granddaughters, daughters, and great-granddaughters love equally, and that is a beloved pet that is accepted as part of the family.

přátelé kočka a pes

People are willing to risk their own health and even deal with allergies in order to love their beloved dogs. But even here one can find a downside. Many people put their aggression in dumb faces. Not only violence, but also psychological abuse, such as not giving them food. They enjoy being masters and their pets are devoted to them.

Even if they are not sadistic, they may unintentionally or unconsciously hurt their pets. Statistics show that kittens and puppies are the most common gifts to be placed under the tree, but unfortunately, they are also one of the most common gifts that small children get bored with and their puppies end up unwanted in shelters at best, or on the street at worst.
kotě u stromu

And this is not the only case of unwanted gifts. I am referring to the female sex, and the dangers of the new species. Babies may be cute, but who would want six more cats? And what happens if they don\’t give birth? Unfortunately, there is no good ending in sight. Neutering may seem like a drastic solution, but it is also the only truly effective one.

We love our pets, but we must give them everything they need. Recently, pet obesity has been on the rise. Pets like dogs and cats don\’t feel full, so they are always eating, and if they don\’t eat, they beg for food. And it is not always convenient to accommodate them.
rottweiler štěně

Since time immemorial, when humans domesticated dogs, we have felt a special affection for these silent faces that cannot be expressed in precise words. In other words, they are our friends and we must treat them accordingly. Just because they don\’t tell us what\’s wrong with them doesn\’t mean it doesn\’t matter.