Before you put your car on the road, you are required by law to check that all parts are fully functional. In practice, this means checking that all bulbs are on, that there are no warning lights that could get you stuck in the middle of the wilderness, and that the handbrake is working. How many of us actually do this? Most people would get into their cars, fasten their seatbelts, check their mirrors, and drive on. But that can be fatal. The police never sleep.

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When you least expect it, a highway patrolman will pull you over. Cracked light bulbs keep wasps at bay like candy. Of course, it is possible for a light bulb to burst while driving, especially in daylight, and you may not even notice it. But that would be no excuse for a headlight that doesn\’t come on. Of course, depending on who you run into, you probably won\’t get a ticket. At best, they will replace the bulb on the spot. However, many cars are designed in such a way that the lights are completely inaccessible unless the bumper is removed. And modern cars have full LED headlights, where you don\’t have to wash the bulb there at all. So,

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it is consistent to check your car regularly before you start driving. Of course, a valid roadworthiness inspection is mandatory, and no one should be on the road without one. If the car is not roadworthy, one risks a hefty fine. Regular maintenance should be absolutely fundamental to car care. While some people can handle as little as an oil change or wheel change, most people have their cars serviced. But even in this case, you need to find a really good service that can handle your car and won\’t charge an exorbitant amount for a very simple job. Get recommendations from several people, that\’s the only way to find the right service.