Perhaps the first card game that children were introduced to by the time they could distinguish numbers from one to ten was war. Each player was assigned a pile of cards, upside down. Not to see their value. In the middle of the table was the most important place where the cards were placed. Already raised the playing surface. The winner of each round was the one whose card was highest. And the absolute best players are those whose stakes were larger than those of their opponents. Another favorite card game was Quartet.

Mariáš se hrál i ve vlaku

It required more advanced players. Because some knowledge was needed to manipulate it. And depending on the age, you could probably choose from a set of cards with 20 different themes. Schoolchildren did not just have a good time. But they also refreshed the school\’s knowledge from various disciplines. Manual skills can be tested in everyone\’s favorite card game toilet. All cards are spread out on the playing field. And in the middle of them a toilet was built on them. 2 cards as a wall and the top card as a roof. The winner is the one who managed to draw the most cards and not destroy them.

Hráči Kvarteta

For many boys, Mariah, perhaps the most popular card game, was a game that you can play anywhere until you become an adult. Whether on the coffee table at home, on the train, on the board under the window on the way to the brigade. So in the tent, by the light of a flashlight. The rules are so notorious that if you invite your grandfather to a family celebration and play, he will not hesitate for 1 minute. Among the most popular attachment unloading games were both Joker and Canasta. Women also like to play these games. And friendly nights often spent like this. To diversify the game, teams were also formed. And a sweet reward was prepared for the winner. On the cards, time has passed in a pleasant atmosphere.