” Box, box, move from place to place!”There is only 1 sentence a caller needs to know to start playing the game. But first, if you are at home, playing in nature, you need to choose a certain number of chairs. Depending on the number of players playing the game. In the game, there is always 1 chair or tree less than the number of players. The goal is for the player to grab an empty chair or tree as soon as possible. If he\’s not fast enough, he\’s likely to get his place and not fall out of the game.

dívka u stromu

For example, you have 5 players.That is, choose 4 chairs and place them next to each other or in a semicircle. Players slowly walk around the room and when they hear the summoner shouting, “Box, box, move from place to place!”Everyone gets a place for his play, because everyone is rushing to the chair. However, the chair is 1 less than the player, so 1 of the slowest ones cannot sit on the chair. This player is out of the game. In the next round, the number of chairs is again reduced by 1 – there are only 3 chairs and 4 players. Everything repeats as long as the last 2 players who compete for victory remain in the game. The winner is the one who reaches the last chair and sits on it first. Similarly, the game is also played in nature, where 1 tree is selected less than the number of players. During the game you will need good observation and quick feet. I\’m sure you won\’t get bored.

děti hází kamínky

You need to have the skills and practice of throwing stones – the so-called flip-flops. On the gentle surfaces of creeks, rivers, dams, ponds and lakes, the player skillfully swings and throws out flat, round, thin pebbles the size of which fit in the palm of his hand. It is held by the thumb and middle finger, and the end of the pebble is held by the index finger. You stand on the surface of the water and lie down, legs slightly straddling the width of the shoulders. It is recommended to throw at an angle of 20° between the pebble and the surface. Then the pebble is reflected by inertia from the water surface and jumps like a frog. If the pebble has a sharp edge, it will float below the surface. The player whose pebble jumps the most wins.