It can be frustrating when an entire group of kids is in charge and often cannot agree on fun things to do together. In addition, today\’s children are losing the ability to use their full imaginations thanks to modern technology. Take the children out to a place in the fresh air where they won\’t make a mess and entertain them with some games. Then sit down with a book and supervise them.

tři děti

A little house in the woods

A walk in the woods is a wonderful adventure for children. They can make secret paths, meet enchanted witches in the trees, and catch glimpses of forest animals here and there. As long as you can explain to the kids not to be too loud or disturb the animals in their natural habitat, the forest is great for fun. A great game to play in the forest is to build houses for the forest fairies. Have you ever seen them? They are very shy creatures, but they also need a place to live. Send your children out into the woods and build them beautiful homes with things you find in the forest. Of course, we need to draw the line where the children can go so they don\’t get lost. Then let them compete for the most beautiful gnome house. How many houses can the children build? As many as they like. The more the better, and at least the children will have fun and will go to sleep at night with a pleasant sense of exhaustion after a day of building.

spousta dětí

Battle for the flag

Divide the children into two teams. Each team will be given a territory and a flag, which must be hidden in that territory. Each team must take back their opponent\’s flag as well as protect their own flag. The team with both flags wins. The more kids you have, the more teams you can create, and the fun gets even crazier.

Treasure Hunt

Every child loves discovery. Hide a treasure chest (e.g., filled with candy) somewhere in nature and guide them to find the treasure using various clues, puzzles, and codes. The first child to succeed, of course, gets to share the treasure, but has the privilege of choosing first.