If it were not for information technology, our lives would be a little more complicated. These days, many people probably have a computer at home and use it not only for work, but also primarily for entertainment and study. I must confess that until 10 or 12 years ago, I didn\’t even know what I could do for fun on the computer. I played games and watched movies on my computer. This, by the way, is now my favorite vice. And watching my favorite movies and shows on my computer or laptop in bed.

Na počítači sleduju filmy i pracují.

I don\’t know what the inventors of computers and information technology would think, but people already watch soap operas and movies on their inventions, and they can do it in bed. This is a big vice of mine, but I\’ve also heard that IT and artificial intelligence have simplified a lot of people\’s jobs and general tasks. It\’s the same with studies. I have heard that many people, especially students and pupils, are cheating by letting artificial intelligence do it for them instead of writing their own exams, various tests and papers.

Umělou inteligenci využívám pro zábavu.

In my opinion, this is shameful and very embarrassing. I would not dare to do this and I don\’t even want to think what the consequences would be if everyone did this. I don\’t understand how this is allowed, how this is possible. How can I be proud of myself? For example, would I be proud of having a college degree just because I used information technology or artificial intelligence? If I did that, I would not be proud of myself nor would I enjoy a college degree. If I had done it by deceit.