1. Consistency is key.

Bedtime routines can also help children calm down before going to bed and help them mentally and physically prepare for the end of the day. Bedtime activities include bottles, bedtime stories and pajamas.

When these things appear, children will know what is expected of them and that the game is over. When this routine begins, try to make the room a little quieter.



Sleep should never be seen as bad for a child\’s eyes. Make it a soothing and relaxing experience for them before going to bed by plugging in a soothing night light, some natural music sounds, and their favorite blankets or cute pets. The night should be a calming experience for them.

In addition, sleep time should not necessarily be a punishment for children. Because of this, sleep becomes something children want to avoid. If they have problems, a timeout may be more convenient.

3. Wrap the baby

Especially in the early years, the baby will still prefer a warm and protective space similar to that provided by the uterus. Sleeping clothes and wraps are great for keeping the baby warm and wrapping in a comfortable posture.

Swaddling clothes can also prevent a child from waking up with sudden movements or shocks, and can even stop a nervous child from punching or scratching.

4. Give the baby time to sleep

The key to a good night\’s sleep is to put the baby to sleep while the baby is still awake. They associate their bed with something that makes them cozy and sleepy.


It\’s comforting for a baby to fall asleep in his arms, but as he gets older he can teach a lousy sleep habit. Sleeping them in the crib will help them become more independent sleepers, and it will be much easier for you.

5. Give the Kids a Moment

It\’s hard to hear and not notice the baby crying, but that\’s exactly what you should do! If you hear the baby crying in the crib, stop and wait a few minutes. You don\’t necessarily need to help them; maybe they already have a habit of crying just because they don\’t want to sleep yet.

Instead, wait a while. If the children need a change or have lost a pacifier, they can get inside. But he may be able to fall asleep again after a few minutes, it\’s a big win.