I have always told myself that when I grow up I want to have at least four children. I have always loved children. I thought that the more children I had, the more joy I would have in my home, and on reflection, I was not entirely wrong. Of course, having more children in the home brings more joy, but it also brings more worry. I realized this when I went to my cousin\’s house for a visit. I hadn\’t seen my cousin in eight years. She lived in Prague and I lived on the other side of the country. So it was obvious that after eight years we had a lot to talk about. I knew that my cousin had children. I also knew she had three children. But as soon as I came to stay at her house for the weekend, she already had a fourth child, the fourth being her youngest, who was two and a half years old. And I must say that her older children were like wild children.

Hodně dětí je radost.

They didn\’t listen to me, they grew up like trees in a forest. I was in complete shock. I thought my head was going to explode that weekend. Her three older children were so rude, flying all over the place, making all kinds of noises, that I thought there would be at most two children. Maybe even two would be too many. But as soon as I left my cousin\’s house, I was relieved.

Děti jsou radost.

My headache finally stopped. Because her children were giving me nothing but headaches, and when I got home and met my boyfriend, I told him that I had completely changed my mind about my dream of having a big family. My boyfriend had always wanted one or two children. So I think he\’s glad I changed my mind and don\’t want another four kids. Now we want our first child. With any luck, I hope my child will be polite, well-mannered, and mild-mannered. Of course, it depends on the upbringing. But it also depends on the temperament of the child. Well, we\’ll see what happens.