Politics is here so that people can talk about something. About politics, about nature. Yes, of course about politics. I think people would still find a topic to talk about, even if politics were not so interesting and not so discussed topic. Do you know why people talk about politics? I don\’t know anyone who tells me they speak politics just to have peace of mind. Because I\’ve heard that a lot of people are just talking about politics and can argue that the air is clean when they argue, etc. In my opinion, this is quite disappointing. Why do people always insist this way for politics, why do people have an appetite? And the intensity of the quarrel with the quarrel is having fun? 

V politice je hodně peněz.

I think this is completely stupid. Unfortunately, I thought I\’d probably go crazy if I had to argue with my partner every day just for the sake of politics. So I told my partner that I didn\’t want to talk about politics at all at family dinners like lunch or breakfast. Maybe we can make up for it two or three days a week, but not such food.

Politika se nachází na všech místech.

I myself always want to have peace with food, and I\’m not in the mood to talk about politics anymore, because this is how my father and my mother used to do it with food. When I was little with my brothers, my father and mother always talked about politics, especially at dinner, they both came home from work and we had dinner together. It turned out many times that we both quarreled and each went to a different room, but our children were so sad and so anxious. And speaking of politics, are you also a political mania, or are you tired of it?