Take today\’s politicians for example. What do they remind us of? But don\’t worry, we won\’t use animal names or anything else that is usually used as an insult here. Politicians are, in fact, like fish.
Don\’t believe me? See for yourself.
Such politicians are like pike. As soon as they find their prey, they start chasing it.
nakreslený tuňák
Or perhaps such politicians are like catfish. They burrow deep into murky waters and mud, terrorizing those around them.
Or they are like sharks. They will attack anything to get their hands on it. It doesn\’t care what it is.
Or like a lynx or a fat man. That is, lazy and just getting fat in peace.
Or like a carp. They are fine living in a rotten pond, but are uncomfortable in a clear stream.
Or like an eel. No matter how you grip it, it always slips out.
Unless you take it so specifically? Yet politicians are like fish.
If someone feeds them, they get used to it and retreat further and further into that rich corner as long as it suits their taste.
When fed, they do not move a single fin.
But sometimes the pond is not big enough for them, and they jump up and down.
Even when their food is taken, they do not give up and resist. Even when they are already on dry land, they struggle. And the big ones usually escape in the end, thanks to their strength.
žraloci v moři
Small fish, on the other hand, are often allowed to swim until they either slip through the net or become invincible big fish.
And such small fish, if they swim carefully through life and are careful not to be eaten by the big fish from the start, will eventually become big fish.
And politicians, like fish, believe that if they get caught, they can shut up and somehow survive.
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don\’t. When they do not survive, they are eventually roasted whole. And the people eat it and then eat it again.